Reflections on my Research Image

Victoria Kinsley is a PhD student in the Faculty of Life Sciences. Here she reflects upon her image, which was one of the 15 shortlisted images in the 2015 Research Image Awards.

What inspired you to take part in the PSRS 2015 Image Competition?
I decided to take part in the PSRS 2015 Image Competition as I had recently performed a stain on my tissue that had given us some unexpected and rather pretty results. Everyone who had seen the image was very intrigued and interested by it so I thought it would be a good idea to present it to a wider audience and the PSRS is a great way to do that.

How did you capture your research in your image?
The image is a direct representation of my research; it is a picture of the nerves in the gut and this is exactly what I am working on. I also think it is an image that looks quite hectic and confusing but exciting; I think that these words capture the essence of my research very well!

How do you think that your image communicates "Research in Action" to an interdisciplinary audience?
I think my image demonstrates research in action as it shows the nerves in the gut that cause the gut to function, or be ‘in action’. Presenting an image is a great way to grab the interest of an interdisciplinary audience as it grabs people’s attention. The short caption also means that you can give your viewer a brief idea about what you are studying without requiring a large investment of effort and understanding.

Would you advise/recommend other researchers to take part in the competition and why?
I would definitely recommend other researchers to participate in next year’s competition. It is a great way to get your research out there and it’s also very rewarding to see your image presented well and being enjoyed by such a wide and varied audience.