Research Image Awards

Pictures tell a thousand words. What would your research picture say?

Presenting your research as a single image represents a unique medium of engaging others in your research. By stripping away all the technical language and leaving behind the core question of your research, you can highlight its overall impact without having to explain all the technical details.

The overall theme of ‘Research in Action’ can be interpreted as broadly as you like.

The photo must represent the research and its impact, or potential impact, whether that is at the individual, local, national or international level.

All images should be accompanied by a title (no more than 50 words) and a caption (no more than 200 words) both of which should clearly explain your image.

The image competion is open to all postgraduates (taught and research).You could win one of two prizes:

- Winner £150

- Runner up £50

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Entries for 2023 are now closed.