Judging criteria

Poster presentation skills are invaluable for communicating research, with the presentation as important as the research itself. The judging at the PSRS Poster Exhibition provides each presenter with constructive feedback that will help build confidence for presentations at prominent international conferences.

Each poster will be viewed by two judges: one will be an academic, and the other will be a non-academic and both will potentially be unfamiliar with the subject of the poster.

The judging will happen in two sessions - 10:30 - 12:00 and 12:30 - 14:00.

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The judges will assess the presentation using the following criteria:

Poster Content

    • Poster title and abstract
      How comprehensible and appealing are the title and abstract?
    • Poster design
      How well does the poster make effective use of available space, have a clear layout and use graphics/tables/figures/diagrams/images/colour to capture the viewer's attention?
    • Poster content
      How understandable is the poster?


    • Knowledge of field
      How well the presenter demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm in the subject?
    • Explanation and answering questions
      How clearly does the presenter explain concepts? How well does the presenter answer questions?
    • Articulation of impact
      How well is the presenter able to articulate the impact or potential impact of their research, whether this be at a personal, local, national or international level?


    • Overall impression of poster and presentation

If you are interested in being a judge at this years exhibition on the 15th June 2023, please contact psrs@manchester.ac.uk.