Judging criteria

The 2015 Research Images were assesed on the following criteria:


    • Does the image attract attention, as well as engage and inspire the audience?
    • What is the overall impression of the image?


    • Does the title link the content of the image and the caption? Is it eye-catching?


    • Does the caption articulate the impact (or potential impact) of the research, whether at an individual, local, national or international level?
    • Does the caption clearly present information in a style which is accessible to a lay audience?


    • Does the image, title and caption have a coherent narrative with a clear message?


We are grateful to the following people for judging the 2015 Research Images:

  • Judith Gracey
  • Sarah Haigh
  • Jamilla Hawa (Manchester Museum)
  • Brian Heaphy
  • David Morris
  • Alexandra Mullock
  • Alessandro Patti
  • Matt Lambon Ralph