Shortlisted Images

The following 15 images were the final shortlist for 2015.


Image Title

Haifa Alroqi

Your child needs YOU

Edmund Chow

Performing an Improvised Drama in an Public Park in Afghanistan

Jennifer Chow

The last sailors on the Mary Rose

Alex Clarke

Giant Telescopes For Giant Galaxies

Katherine Crouch

“They say you never forget your first…”

Christopher Emersic

The Future of Air Travel: The All-Electric Aircraft

Asad Ghalib

Contentment as wealth – reflections on the life of a rural vegetable vendor

Stavros Keppas

"Cloud explosion"

The gut mini-brain

Aarti Krishnan

Reconstructing lives: Capturing value through developing human capability

Martin Larsson

The Last Wild Fish

Sarah Steeg

Just a number? Possibilities for big data to illuminate our understanding of patient care.

Craig Thomas

Don’t frack my future! Understanding responses to shale gas development in Great Manchester

James West

The mind of a postgraduate student

Tahmina Zebin

Multidisciplinary Research: Eyes of an outsider-Infinite curiosity to the Unknown